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Qi health practice folder meat crisp pine Detailed

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The practice of loose meat crisp clip:
Ingredients: Wheat flour, 400 grams
Accessories: eggs 150 grams, 15 grams baking powder, pork rib meat (pork) 300g
Seasoning: 3 grams of white sugar, lard (refining) 150 grams, 8 grams of salt, pepper, 2 grams, 5 grams Xiang Netherlands
The practice of loose meat crisp folders steps:
1. Sift the flour and pour it on file board, baking powder and absorbed into the middle plane into the pits;
2. Add eggs, sugar, lard, vanillin, rubbing his hands through to the whole of the sugar;
3. And then flour and uniform, folded four times, they form a loose dough cakes stand;
4. Pork chop puree, add salt, pepper, ginger tablets, oil fry into the fresh meat, cold ready to use;
5. The crisp pastry and a good loose knot under the section, hands pressed into the surface film, sandwiched in a semicircle on the fresh meat, eggs, round brush on the skin, pulp;
6. On the pan made of yellow to the deep-fried cooked Serve.
Song crisp meat production folder tips:
1. Loose in the production of puff pastry, the dough should have a good humidity, not too soft dough, or the finished product will be deformed;
2. Face can not be too dry, too dry taste bad, but also affect product quality;
3. This has the frying process, to be prepared about 1,000 grams of lard, vanillin amount.
The effectiveness of loose meat crisp clip:
Nutrition comprehensive, nourishing blood, yin and moistening effect.
Eggs: goose with water damage and stomach; and rabbit, persimmon with food leading to diarrhea; the same time not with the soft-shelled turtles, carp, milk, tea with the food.

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