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date 19-12-2008 - Voir tous les articles de la catégorie Générale Générale - com 0 commentaire(s)-

At this moment, remember those things have broken up one by one to become better: have the local hate, and hate you for allowing me to have been muddy, Hao Xiang at the moment but I smell your breath; You narrow that the river has been abandoned You have no spark at the moment you are the clear spring flow has become my dream of you Qinglei; that there are mountains, you always hated symbol of poverty, how can you at the moment as a foil to a towering height of my dreams; where there are air What a fragrance, on a smoke, as if the dream of a return to the countryside; Shan Liren is that the simple and kind-hearted, affects my Rouchang; there, and that the moon's hometown, how bright, how bright. However, when I was a full moon, with a total of Huanchang folk song to sing? River silence, I silent. " Wine ask blue sky." Ponder the past bit by bit, all of a sudden in a quandary, I hide in a corner, has been trying to think of leaving the old place, can not help but feel depressed. Thing of the past in the past, there will be a dream tonight. I know that we appreciate working with a common sky, the same moon, but who will be my moon Shaogei mind? Told her that I would land. Years of continuous bell sounded, who will be a few hours to live? The nostalgia is always a hard nut to crack, the secret, I carry a lot of fun, too much grief. Wave goodbye today, tomorrow it could be here as the same hometown as a harmonious and beautiful picture, such as beautiful natural scenery? Here is also no longer has so many secular, and some just simple and clear picture of life? When I once again look to the sky, the moon will not be this round? I will not pursue it anymore, I do not think, because I have got used to looking at the sky, a distant look and look to a shine.

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