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April 8

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April 8
The students in a book, write a message: if there is no separation, no growth on Fuli. Even a quick left here, but there is no frustration, feeling that this beautiful red, following Wood shavings will never die of old age, where the sky always so Clear and clean, metasequoia trees here now will never fade oath, and here the night in the street always weak in the warmth of shows, where we belong The memory will never fade away ... ... One day we will continue to remember that only experienced in order to become strong in order to really grow up. 2, I repeat the words you have been up to our days gradually cooling velvet sofa in the lost language puppet gardenia leaf color Mottled light of wander in the game are how we get out of the end At noon in the cafeteria to eat, and my apprentice Lu Rong said type of bacteria is I who can not see light. Because they do not like the summer sun, it I will become a man in a lazy, so in addition to the necessary schools, free time I will only stay in the house is not home during the day, a In the evening, like-for-a dynamic individual, always travel at night, living a life of person who goes to bed. I am close to and like-minded friends set up Free gate, a good life uncomfortable. Language class, the teacher told us that her mentor in her student days often say: My pain is a lonely snake. The teacher said she This is not always understand the meaning of words, we said that he saw in unison. Just think this sentence is very philosophical, like a mentor who may be ancient When those who had plenty of talent and full of ambition and gifted scholar of the generation that did not give full play to their platform and opportunities. Another "came often, the horses do not often" Story.

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